You can easily look up your chart information online and get a computer-generated report, but it only describe the separate parts of a chart in generalized terms. We don't exist as separate parts. Receiving a reading from an astrologer in real time addresses the dynamic experience of living as a human in earth school. 

Astrology can give you language for things you already intuitively understand about yourself. And when you develop language for something, you can start to see it. When you see it, you begin to heal it, because so much of healing is seeing!

During an Existing Together astrology reading, we'll look at what is there, and just as important, what is not there, in your birth chart and your life.

We'll use the insight available through this medium about how you can move forward in your life with as much ease as possible. We'll look at your talents, at what you know how to do without trying (which often remains invisible, because it's easy). We'll look at what feels hard, and talk about how you can best approach challenge in your life, using the affinities that astrology names so precisely.

We'll see what's happening in your transit chart, to see what specific season of life you are in, which can greatly affirm your own sense of your current struggles and joys. We'll consider when it makes the most sense to make big moves, and when it makes sense to be still and listen. We'll use mindfulness to come up with practices together, that allow you to apply the insight that astrology offers.

Astrology gives us a wider lens on our lives. It connects us to the larger order of which we are a part, and to a sense of mystery and awe at all the forces of nature which are acting on us, and upon which we act, each day.