For 3 dollars a month you can receive two essays per month delivered to your inbox. These essays are designed to remind you that you are here, that you have a body, you can breathe, and connect to all other beings on the planet right this very moment. (Which you can also do right now with or without any essays from me, but the idea is that the essays make it easier.) Sometimes the essays have astrology stuff in them which will be useful to your life. Sometimes they include meditations for struggles with your partner, meditations for work, meditations for surviving the intensity of being a human, etc. Sometimes the essays talk about how to politically engage and breathe at the same time. Sometimes they talk about the wisdom of plants. Hopefully you get the idea, but you can read more and actually buy the subscription to the essays here.


More occasionally you can receive writing and updates for free in my newsletter. Sometimes the newsletter is a letter to you about isolation and crying in the shower, or some tender advice for Donald Trump, or telling you about my new online class for new parents, or reminding you about that thing Thich Nhat Hanh says about massaging the earth with your feet that I forget and then remember from time to time, etc. The newsletter is a combo of telling you things that I think will help you breathe easier and then telling you about stuff I’m doing in this business I am in. This business of reminding you that you are here, you are alive. Alive. Living. Alive.

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AND! Here is an archive of the weekly horoscopes I wrote for over a year, free, to peruse anytime.

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