That’s a picture of me, Sarah Fontaine, the owner of this business, Existing Together. It was taken by my love, on a windy day, in my backyard, and I was happy. Actually I was experiencing a particular feeling for which the word ‘happy’ might be shorthand. What I mean is that incredible visitation of both acceptance and possibility - embracing the mystery and terror and magic of life all at once. This is the kind of feeling I am devoted to living in, and helping you access. I’ve been a student of astrology, meditation, and investigating the fabric of the universe for 20 years.

This is one place where I offer forms for accessing and cultivating this feeling - which is the feeling of knowing oneself, knowing you are nature, knowing you are breathing and living here, on this particular planet - Earth - and that there is no one else to become.

Whatever happens, while you are visiting this internet url, I want to say thank you for existing, we need each other to exist. (Literally.) I would like to remind you that you belong here. That you have a right to be here. On the planet I mean. And to remember your feet. Or whatever part of you touches the ground. I would like to remind you that you are here.

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"When you pray, what do you say to god?"

"I don't talk, I simply listen. 

"Then what is it that god says to you when you pray?"

"He also doesn't talk. He also simply listens."

-from an interview with Mother Teresa