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Existing Together is a healing arts business by Sarah Fontaine.

Existing Together is astrology readings, classes, books & performance.

Existing Together is a conceptual art project & spiritual practice.

Existing Together is a reminder of the truth that we live on the same planet.




I teach astrology, mindfulness and energetic tools through the readings and classes offered on this site - the most current manifestations of 20 years of deep investigation into how to be embodied, how to suffer less.

I also sometimes meditate, care for children, publish books, advocate for women in prison, ride a bike very long distances, visit untamed places, plant seeds and water plants, among other things.

Existing Together is a business - it exists as a means of mutual support. It is the form in which I offer you what I know about suffering less. It's a way to remind us - because we all need reminding - that interconnectivity is a fact, not a metaphor.

I would like to listen to you and help you not miss your life. 

I would like to laugh with you and remember that the wisest people laugh the most.

Thank you for existing.

-Sarah Fontaine

PS existingtogether at gmail dot com | @existingtogether

"When you pray, what do you say to god?"

"I don't talk, I simply listen. 

"Then what is it that god says to you when you pray?"

"He also doesn't talk. He also simply listens."

-from an interview with Mother Teresa