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Existing Together is an experimental healing arts business by Sarah Fontaine.

Existing Together is writing, astrology readings & breathing reminders. 

Existing Together is a conceptual art project & spiritual practice.

Existing Together is living on the same planet.


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I am here. And you are here. Here we are!

The way I've been describing it lately is: I'm a writer, astrologer, and artist. I have been a teacher, meditator, child care giver, book publisher, justice advocate for women in prison, very long distance bike rider, among other things. The offerings on this site are a few of the manifestations of over 20 years of investigation into the mind, breathing, the heart - and the physics of their continuity. In other words how to be embodied, how to suffer less.

When we attend to ourselves we attend to others, when we attend to others we attend to ourselves, and this is not a metaphor, this is a fact of physics. I am into living in alignment with physics and facts, because I find when I do this, I suffer less. I would like to suffer less with you.

I would like to listen to you and be with whatever you are with.

I offer various forms of what I know about how to suffer less here.

-Sarah Fontaine


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