You can easily look up your chart information online and get a computer-generated report, but it only describes the separate parts of a chart in generalized terms. We don't exist as separate parts. Receiving a reading from an astrologer in real time addresses the dynamic experience of living as a human in earth school. It’s equal parts art and science - looking at the math, and using intuition to interpret and discern what is most relevant in the present moment.


During an Existing Together astrology reading, the reading starts before we even meet, when I send you questions you can use to spend some time reflecting. How are you feeling? What is your mind doing, what are your emotions doing, what do you want, what matters to you? Important stuff like that, no fluff. This is about getting to the heart of things, your heart, your center. Being asked questions is a powerful and underrated form of healing. This preparation maximizes our time together, because then you come into the session clear on the big questions you are asking about your life. I don’t answer those questions, but I provide more language, insight, and intuition about how to move toward answers.

We begin the reading itself with a short meditation to land in our bodies, because all lasting growth happens when we are embodied! This also helps you attune your listening to yourself. Your discernment is the most important part of the reading! (All effective divination works this way - you actually decide for yourself what parts fit and what parts don’t.)

Next, I share major themes I see in your chart, using a combination of experience (20 years with Astrology) and intuition (a lifetime of being a psychic sensitive) to decide what to focus on. I also adapt what I share with you based on what you know about astrology so the session is not redundant for you. I always ask lots of questions about how you experience these themes.

Then there is time for you to ask questions, about anything - astrology, your life, etc, and we use the information present in your birth chart and transit chart to look deeply together. I help you determine how you can move forward in your life with as much ease as possible. We'll look at your talents, at what you know how to do without trying (which often remains invisible, because it's easy). We'll look at what feels hard, and talk about how you can best approach challenge in your life.

We'll see what specific astrological season of life you are in, which can greatly affirm your own sense of your current struggles and joys. We'll consider when it makes the most sense to make big moves, and when it makes sense to be still and listen. We'll use mindfulness to determine what practices will allow you to apply the insight that astrology offers. At times I share specific energetic tools with you in the session to take with you. Each session has common elements, but each session is unique to you, what you need, what you are asking for, and my intuition on what needs to be communicated to you.

Astrology gives you language for things you already intuitively understand about yourself. And when you develop language for something, you can see it. When you see it, you begin to heal it, because so much of healing is seeing! It is my greatest honor and pleasure to investigate life itself with you in this way.

You’ll see below there are several options, for individual chart readings, (first time and repeat), readings for couples (in relationship of any kind), and parent/child. As a new parent and long time caregiver for children of all ages, I’m especially excited to share the wisdom Astrology can provide for your life as a parent / caregiver. There’s also an option for gift cards at the bottom. Please reach out with any questions at