Aries: Money Witch


Jessie Susannah has answered questions here for the Aries installment of these Existing Together Astrology Interviews and I couldn’t be happier about it because she is magic, her work is magic, her fashion is magic. For years I wondered if I needed to become an accountant because I needed her services and didn’t know of her - someone who could counsel me on the spiritual aspects of money but also knew taxes, like, could actually do my taxes. Super relieved I don’t have to become an accountant since I found her. She is also an astrologer so she explains a lot about her chart and how it shows up in different ways below. I so highly recommend working with her if you are needing healing around your finances and approach to money, history with money, etc. (And really I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need healing in that area!) And/or following her links below. Thank you thank you Jessie Susannah!

Jessie Susannah Karnatz aka $ Money Witch $ helps people heal their finances through Intuitive Financial Coaching, tax preparation, money magic tools, and education. She believes transforming our relationship to money is possible and necessary, and that this transformation has healing impact on our lives, our families and our communities. Find her online at, on Instagram @money.witch, on Twitter @money_witch, and on YouTube at

1. What brings you the most joy?

Sex & being in love (scorpio rising), cash money, insanely delicious food, the ocean and the beach, my kid, a really truly good party, dancing, shopping & thrifting, fashion, colors- bright ones and jewel tones and metallics, music, reading for fun, getting to really just chill with my friends, fancy swimming pools, oysters, a stunning view, revelation, ecstatic mystical communion with G-d, meeting online friends irl, watermelon and cherries and passionfruit and guava, gardening, magical herbs, sunshine, sisterhood, cooking for people I love, and flan.

2. Do you identify with Aries qualities? Which ones and how do they show up in your life?

For sure. I have my sun, mars, and venus all in Aries, pretty close to conjunct.  I’m a total hothead and will get in verbal fights with strangers. I love excitement and intensity, I get bored in social settings and relationships that feel superficial or understimulating. I get frustrated easily. My needs have to be filled fairly quickly upon presenting themselves or I kind of spiral out. I have a ton of energy and can do things like work or be in meetings or shop for looong time. Exertion often gives me more energy. I have a LOT of energy, I’m learning how to channel it well so it doesn’t eat me up.   

3. What are you learning about right now in your life?

Oppression and privilege and liberation- every day I excavate more of my own attitudes and actions that are oppressive or systemically violent. Colonialism- I love to look at timelines and what was happening simultaneously globally. I think and study a lot about the spiritual gesture of whiteness and my theory that it is created from the Roman empire meets Christianity meets Western Europe.

I’m learning about my nervous system and attachment. I’m learning about how to regulate my nervous system while staying connected after I get disregulated.

I’m learning about time management, as it relates to emotions, and making choices about what emotional growth is a priority for me and what is for later. In order to be in relationships (including friendships) in integrity, I am looking at what emotional growth is needed in order for me to be successful in that relationship. Working an edge of emotional growth is destabilizing and energy consuming, so I need to make sure I have the space to do the growth needed, and that that particular piece of growth is a priority for me and that I have the time and space resources to do it responsibly.

I’m learning about letting go of stagnant attachments in order to create space for the void, because out of that void grows what is most potent and current.  

4. Who inspires you the most lately?

Black women and femmes

5. When you feel stuck or blocked or stagnant, what do you do to get unstuck?

Get divorced. Lol.

I don’t feel like I get big picture stuck or stagnant that often. It tends to be more an energy that pops up in the day to day. So my solutions tend more that way.

Take action. Just move anything, one little piece of difference or change will make space for everything else to shift.

Go to the ocean and pray and ask for a message. This always gives me deep time perspective.

Try to find more solitude. I also have a lot of Aquarius in my chart, so solo time always allows me to get grounded.

Take a shower.

Smoke a little weed if I can, that usually shifts my vantage point.  

And sometimes, just sometimes, acknowledge that I MIGHT NEED REST.