How To Embrace Your Saturn Return

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How To Embrace Your Saturn Return

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Every 28-31 years, Saturn completes its cycle around the sun. Which means that for humans alive at this age, they experience an astrological transit called The Saturn Return. Often this phrase is used as an explanation to comfort us when, during this time of our lives when so many people go through major changes, and things feel hard, slowed down, overwhelming. We often experience a new sense of urgency to LIVE OUR OWN LIVES. It can be painful. It can be jarring. It can feel like moving through mud. It can feel like becoming an adult even though technically maybe you already are one. Any transit, and especially this one, is Nature asking us to become our own Nature more completely. This is a certain kind of rite of passage that most of us go through unconsciously, or with only a vague understanding that it's a hard time of life. 

This class is about claiming your position as the boss of your life, no longer just reacting unconsciously to your childhood! It's about setting into motion, in a conscious way, the patterns and life and love and habits you want to manifest for this next 28-30 year cycle. 

What are you really doing here?

How can you connect more completely and deeply with your own inner knowing about how to fulfill your destiny as an integrated, actual person?

How can you breathe through transition, accept transition, and resist transition less, and even embrace it?

Through audio talks, ritual and writing assignments, humor and pep talks, this class will support you through this challenging time. It offers simple, grounded tasks to keep you tethered to the earth and not miss this incredible opportunity for integrating your dreams into the present. 

This class is about being brave and connecting to the truth in practice that when we care for ourselves we become available to care for the rest of the world, and when we give ourselves permission to take our place on this planet, we offer others this same permission. 

Healing is collective, and yet it happens when individuals say yes to their own inner voice, calling you to move into alignment with the messages Nature is offering.

This class can be downloaded and used over and over. It's 9 days of activities that can be accessed and utilized as needed. 

It's highly recommended that you receive an individual astrology reading with me in conjunction with the class, which is why if you buy them together you save money!