The Four Elements as Guides

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The Four Elements as Guides

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This Class Is For

people who want to learn more about astrology and it's also for people who just want to feel calmer and less drained by their lives. We'll approach astrology as a way to learn more about yourself and other people so that you can cultivate compassion for both. It's about getting weird and free and grounded. It's about increasing your permission level to live your life. It's offering you support and tools to practice, experiment and shift stuck places and situations. Participating in this class is about reconnecting to your own intuition, using an ancient modality as the medium.

This Class Includes

- 4 live hour-long sessions, one per week over a month, probably September. (PLEASE NOTE - this class is postponed - check back for updates on when it will run!) Each video class will include a guided meditation, and a talk on one element featured that week. This will include examples and descriptions of the elements as they show up in astrological signs, and what it looks like to have a predominance or lack of an element, etc. You'll also learn rituals and energetic tools using the four elements to help you cultivate what is needed in your life. If you can't attend the session, you can watch a recording of it after, anytime. If you're listening live, you'll have a chance to ask questions during the session. 
- Daily prompts throughout the four weeks for you to practice seeing through the lens of astrology, deepen your learning and integrate the elements as metaphors and guides to help you bring in what is needed in your life.

You'll have access to the material as long as you want after the class.

You'll receive a discount code for $20 off an Existing Together Astrology Reading, which is recommended in conjunction with the class, but not required.