Meditation for Actual People

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Meditation for Actual People

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PLEASE NOTE: You can buy this class now but it won't be available until Monday July 30.

This class offers support for you to 

- increase your permission level in all aspects of your life
- increase your calm and wellbeing
- decrease anxiety
- decrease reactivity
- orient to your body
- orient to the planet on which you live and what is happening in a lunar cycle
- cultivate more compassion for yourself and others
- dispel the harmful concept that you can't meditate or are bad at it

This Class Includes

29 days of 5-10 minute audio guided meditations you can listen to over and over. Designed to introduce (refresh) you to a variety of approaches and types of meditation, in a progression through a lunar cycle of 29 days. This course is fully self-paced and does not include a concurrent cohort - you gain access to the program when you buy it and can repeat it as many months as you want.