How To Have An Actual Relationship

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Astrology and Mindfulness for Relationships oct.jpg

How To Have An Actual Relationship

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4 Weeks, 4 Topics

1. Seeing Our Own Relationship Myths and Shoulds

2. What Replaces Myths and Shoulds

3. How Astrology Can Help: Looking Closely at the Moon, Venus and Mars

4. Building A Relationship Practice (No Matter What Relationship/s You're In)


The way I prove I’m sane / attractive / loveable is to be in a relationship.
 relationship should be easy.
A relationship should be hard.
If it’s not I should find another one.
If it's not I'm failing in some way, or my partner is failing in some way.
I shouldn’t want a relationship too much, because they only come to you if you aren’t looking or trying.

etc etc etc.

These are just a few examples of relationship myths and shoulds we have inherited, and continue to reproduce, that cause us such suffering! In my quest to reduce this suffering, I’ve benefited immensely from a meditation practice, and applying mindfulness principles. But I have craved more practical and specific application of these principles than is usually offered. What would Pema Chodron do on Bumble? How would she deal with ghosting while she was internet dating in 2018? How would Thich Nhat Hanh maintain a relationship if he was raising young children and his work was dependent on using screens for the majority of each day?

In response to these questions, I've created a class which uses astrology and mindfulness to investigate the causes of suffering in our romantic lives. This combination of applied astrology and mindfulness has transformed what I think is possible in relationship, and I want to share all of this bright possibility with you! 

In HOW TO HAVE AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP, we will look closely at the myths and shoulds we still carry. I'll share Astrology's wisdom on the very real differences between people's relational needs/desires. We’ll build a practice of fulfilling those personal needs/desires that is not dependent on what relationship we are in, or not in. And yet - this practice will be relational, and will be for use in any actual or potential relationships in your life!


What You Will Receive:

- 4 guided meditations (one per week)
- 16 short audio talks
- daily prompts for reflection and integration
- online discussion with other class members
- weekly q&a with teacher in online discussion
- access to material after class is over