How To Embrace Your Saturn Return

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How To Embrace Your Saturn Return

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The Saturn Return is an astrological transit which happens to every human when they are between 27-31. People experience this in the form of all sorts of events and feelings, but usually it involves a significant amount of confusion, struggle and rearranging of their lives. This is nature's way of giving you an opportunity to stop living as a reaction to your childhood, and choose your own life. Often people experiencing this transit feel a new sense of urgency about their decisions, and a strong need to choose a life that lines up more accurately with what they value.

It's a major transition, a beginning and an ending. Any transit, and especially this one, is Nature asking us to become our own Nature more completely.

This class offers context, community and support to those going through it. It's designed to orient you to what is happening by looking at your experience through a broader lens, and offer tools to help you feel calmer as you go through this time, and make decisions that express your values, now and in the future. We'll practice simple, grounded rituals and assignments to keep you tethered to the earth and not miss the incredible opportunity of this transit for integrating your dreams into the present. 

HOW TO EMBRACE YOUR SATURN RETURN was specifically designed for people who were born between approximately 1988-1991, but anyone who is in a time of significant transition and would benefit from this support is also welcome! 


4 Weeks, 4 Topics

1. What Is Happening Here?
understanding the saturn return as a developmental phase and opportunity

2. Moving From Resistance to Affinity
undoing what we have been taught about how we accomplish and relate, aka how we are 'adults'

3. Practical Embodiment in A New Adulthood
tools and skills-building for living with agency

4. Freeing Ourselves From All-Or-Nothing Thinking
transforming how we think about the future (and therefore how we feel in the present)


What You Will Receive

- 12 short recorded lectures, (three per week)
- 4 guided meditations specifically designed for stabilizing common saturn return states of confusion and struggle (one per week)
- 4 recorded Q&A’s, responding to your questions each week
- access to a private online forum, to reflect and converse with teacher and other students throughout the four weeks of class
- 2 emails per week announcing new content and asking you questions to reflect on

When you sign up for this class, you receive $20 off any type of reading! It’s recommended (though not required) that you receive a one-on-one reading with me before or while taking this class. We won’t be doing individual readings in this class.