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  • San Francisco, CA

Do you have phone anxiety? Email anxiety? Do you get depressed when you look at instagram? What is your body position, the feeling in your gut, when you open your inbox? Are you expecting to 'get in trouble' when you open an email? Are you gritting your teeth or gripping your mouse when you send out an email? What about when you're online banking? What about when you're online dating?

Most of us, to be a person interacting and working in the world in 2018, need to communicate in a variety of ways on the internet, using a cell phone and a computer. And we tend to not acknowledge the extent to which this negatively affects us, or if we do, we yell at ourselves to get off of our phones. So much of the time this is not realistic or helpful, and causes us to feel we are failing and then experience even more anxiety.

HEALING OUR INTERNET LIVES is about reclaiming our rightful place as the boss of our internet lives. During this class, we'll use mindfulness practices to look closely at what is happening when we engage with the internet, especially via our phones. Then we'll use Astrology and energetic tools to transform blockages, anxieties, and stress into feelings of lightness and wellbeing. We'll bring more consciousness to this part of our lives so that we are choosing it instead of just letting it happen to us. You'll leave the class with a set of tangible practices that bring healing to your internet time.