Nowhere in my experience has the reality of interconnectivity been so apparent as in the fires in California (where I live) the past few years. There’s another round of them happening right now, and they aren’t burning my house down, they aren’t burning where I am. In fact they are very far away. And yet for the past many days I have felt so sick because I’ve been breathing smoke from these fires. There is nothing in life more inescapable than air, in the most literal, bodily way. And nothing demonstrates our interconnectivity more than air which is hard to breathe because of our shared participation in polluting that air, in changing the climate and landscape in such a way that results in these epic fires (and so many other increasingly destructive natural disasters). Here we are, inheriting our past actions now. It’s so intense! It turns us back to ourselves, or at least gives us this opportunity, in such a deep and often painful way.

It’s made me think about what we are committed to in our lives. How we change things we want to change.

What is commitment to you?

How much does it matter?

What places in your life does it come easily for you?

Where does your doubt undermine your commitment?

What in your life might benefit from more commitment?

(You’ll notice below that there aren’t questions in the horoscopes. Perhaps the questions above are the questions for all this week. As these strange horoscopes took shape, it just felt more appropriate to leave the questions out.)

ARIES | March 21-April 19

Meditation - persimmon
Assignment - Running through a winter forest just to feel the cold.


TAURUS | April 20-May 20

Meditation - violet
Assignment - Sitting on the ground, feeling your sit bones sink into the earth with each breath.


GEMINI | May 21-June 20

Meditation - bright green
Assignment - Recreating and participating in childhood activities as an adult, in order to heal.


CANCER | June 21-July 22

Meditation - silver
Assignment - Believing in spirits just to let yourself open in a new way, like a weird aunt.


LEO | July 23-August 22

Meditation - grey
Assignment - Wiping your hands across the screen of your imagination in front of you, to clear the fog.


VIRGO | August 23-September 22

Meditation - soft pink
Assignment - Gliding up the side of a mountain, for the pleasure of touching the mountain itself. 

LIBRA | September 23-October 23

Meditation - cranberry
Assignment - Floating in water with your ears covered, to turn down some noise and bring up the noise of your breath.

SCORPIO | October 23-November 21

Meditation - pale yellow
Assignment - Caressing your own arms, letting your belly be big and loose. 

SAGITTARIUS | November 22-December 21

Meditation - orange
Assignment - Exhaling as after great effort, but for longer than the effort took.  

CAPRICORN | December 22-January 19

Meditation - dark brown
Assignment - Drawing a new kind of map, based on everything in you that is already ancient.

AQUARIUS | January 20 to February 18

Meditation - red clay
Assignment - Digging in the earth, to find where your own feet fit. 


PISCES | February 19 to March 20

Meditation - a rainbow
Assignment - Seeing everyone seeing you, and not blinking.