Full Moon today! The Sun has moved into Libra, and the Moon is opposite in Aries today. The connection between relationship and individuality is foregrounded in this Full Moon. When things happen that are out of our control - which happens an infinite number of times per day - we have an opportunity to see how deep the relationship runs between what we perceive as ourselves and what we perceive as other people. This relational truth is what Libra is about at its best. It’s opposite, Aries, is expressed when we embody and enact our own agency. Opposites in the zodiac remind us of how dependent they are on each other, and this is one reason why Full Moons are so powerful - because they remind us of how these polarities need each other in order to exist. We can’t understand our own identities without the sense that something other than us exists. And we can’t understand relation to others without the sense that we have an identity of some kind. Where does your perception typically fall on this scale? How much do you think about other people? How much do you think about yourself? When might you be confused about what you are actually thinking about?

Use this Full Moon potency to reflect on what is asking for balance in your life. And for things that feel like they can’t be brought into balance right now - remember that balance requires imbalance to exist.

ARIES | March 21-April 19

Question - How much do you practice deep listening with those you’re close to?
Meditation - listening.
Assignment - Spend as much time as possible not jumping to conclusions this week. Stay in don’t know mind. With your partner and really intimate relationships especially. There’s a tendency for you to be so quick in your judgments - it all happens very fast, and that serves you well. But it also causes you to miss a lot about others. Just come back to the present, to listening as attentively as you can to who is in front of you and what they are really communicating. This will contribute greatly to feeling more connected to those you love, and paradoxically, to getting what you need also.


TAURUS | April 20-May 20

Question - Who do you admire?
Meditation - sky blue.
Assignment - Meditate on those you admire this week - whether people you know or don’t know, and write about their qualities, what it is that moves you about them. What does this admiration reveal to you about what you value? Are there any gaps between what you admire and what you feel you can be or do? Write about that too. Don’t sell yourself short because of your practicality. There’s a way that admiration shows you about what you want your life to be! You can bring this in, you can cultivate this garden, your own.


GEMINI | May 21-June 20

Question - What brings you back down to earth?
Meditation - moss green.
Assignment - Contemplate the image of pulling yourself back to earth, back into your own body. Where is your conscious awareness most of the time? Is it in your head, above your head, away from your body, in your belly? Practice bringing it down, toward your center, lower and lower, while breathing deeply. Uniting the mind with the body has much more to do with our happiness than our circumstances do.


CANCER | June 21-July 22

Question - When and how do you use music in your life right now?
Meditation - yellow.
Assignment - Reflect on where and how you use music - is it an escape? Is it a buoy? Is it healing? Is it a way to connect to other people who love the same music? Is it a retreat or a return? Music can be all these things and more, and because sound and memory are so important to you, it probably is many of these things at different times. Just reflect and see what you find about how music shows up in your life. And see if you can bring more healing and presence into your life via music instead of just escape if you find that to be present often.


LEO | July 23-August 22

Question - How is your sexual life?
Meditation - sexuality and creativity.
Assignment - Reflect on your sexual life this week - what it has been in the past, what it is now, what you want it to be. How much you let yourself imagine what you want it to be. How it’s connected to your creativity. How do the two relate for you? Have you considered this before? Understanding the relationship in a deep way will likely help your fulfillment in both.


VIRGO | August 23-September 22

Question - When does your skepticism serve you and when does it hinder your connection?
Meditation - the opposite of skepticism
Assignment - Meditate on what is the opposite of skepticism. What does it feel like when you aren’t skeptical? Under what conditions do you find yourself not being skeptical? The opposite definition is along the lines of faith / trust / certainty. When do you experience those qualities? Are there ways you could let yourself practice those experiences more? What might that do to your connections with people?

LIBRA | September 23-October 23

Question - When do you feel calmest?
Meditation - easy.
Assignment - There’s a tendency for you to try to control situations and not feel or look like that’s what you’re doing. The control you try to exert usually appears to you and others as trying to be nice or accommodating, to make sure people are happy. But this is a form of attempting to exert control. Letting people not be happy is a challenging practice for you Libra, but one to return to again and again, because paradoxically it will allow you and those in your field to have more space and permission to be as they are. And when we feel this permission, we are naturally more connected to each other! Practice this allowing, and noticing when you are trying to control someone else’s experience, even when it seems benevolent because you want them to ‘be happy.’

SCORPIO | October 23-November 21

Question - Who do you trust the most and why?
Meditation - trust as a practice
Assignment - The more you trust, the better you will feel, the more connection you will experience with others. And this doesn’t mean that you won’t also feel hurt! But your tendency is to expect others to earn your trust and this can feeling tiring for others to be the recipient of this energy. Your fear is that you will be duped, or somehow the last one to know, so you put up a gate that people have to earn entry through by a series of tests they often don’t even know they are subject to. The important thing to remember in this tendency is that whether you are the first or last to know, we are still out of control of our experience of pain in interpersonal love! So you can set this guard down a bit and not take on so much responsibility for this pain or preventing it. Everyone experiences it, whether they are intuitive like you or not! AND, you don’t have to give up your savvy intuition! Just try on trust as a proactive practice, so that you are meeting others in the middle more, and see what happens to your relationships.

SAGITTARIUS | November 22-December 21

Question - Who do you not listen to that you might benefit from listening to?
Meditation - what remains out of your view.
Assignment - Keep your eye out for the things you tend to NOT be curious about. This includes people, art, plants, etc - influences that you aren’t drawn to. What might be held in these areas and beings that you could learn from? This is not a suggestion for more restless seeking, you probably experience plenty of that! It’s a reminder that the quieter, less interesting realms and beings can often hold the most insight and new awareness. What happens to your perspective when you consciously open to the things you have previously rejected?  

CAPRICORN | December 22-January 19

Question - What embarrasses you?
Meditation - daring.
Assignment - One way you can continue to discover what public opinion you are still concerned about is to notice what embarrasses you. Instead of trying to avoid this feeling, you can look deeply into it and be with it. You can use it as information, as a bell to remind you that an opportunity has appeared to become conscious of an old fear that you don’t have to harbor anymore. What is embarrassment and when does it show up for you? Or when do you imagine it will, or fear it will? How can you use this information to open to life and become freer?

AQUARIUS | January 20 to February 18

Question - What does your decision making process feel like lately?
Meditation - purple.
Assignment - What modalities / strengths do you draw on when you make decisions? How much do you trust your own decision-making process? When do decisions you’ve made feel good, and when do you doubt them? Are you trying to use your intellectual mind too much? Are you using your tendency toward extremism too much? When are your decisions reactionary, and when are they fully conscious, and how often do you notice the difference in real time? Give yourself some time this week to slow down and look at your decisions. Your life will benefit.


PISCES | February 19 to March 20

Question - In what ways does your intuition drain you?
Meditation - fullness
Assignment - Maybe it’s not the intuition itself, but it’s how you’re using it, or how aware you are of it. Often for people as psychic as you are, the intuition runs the show instead of you, so that you are unable to turn down the level of information you are receiving all the time - hence Pisces being known for wanting to escape, for good reason! But with awareness and practice you don’t have to escape so much. Take note of when you feel drained each day this week. Who were you with, what were you doing? When you connect feeling drained with a person or activity, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing that thing or seeing that person (although that may be your medicine, at least for a while). But you can look a little deeper and see if there is some information input you can turn down. You don’t have to know what everyone is feeling and even more than that you don’t have to feel it yourself. Even just remembering this truth is a tool for maintaining more boundaries between your own psychic world and other people’s.