June 11.jpg

New Moon in Gemini.
The Sun and Moon overlap this week.
mental exchange. 
What questions are you asking?
 What if there were no decisions?
 What if you already thought everything that needed to be thought?
 Then what would you do?

ARIES | March 21-April 19

Question - What identities would you feel freer without?
Meditation - your own heart.
Assignment - When you stop worrying about how other people perceive you, a new space arrives for you to perceive your own heart. Worrying about how other people perceive you is very closely tied to concepts of identity. It can be hard to stop worrying about how other people perceive you. Most people still worry even though they recognize it’s a source of suffering for them. Instead of efforting to stop doing this, spend ten minutes at least three times this week focusing on your own heart and how it feels! What its qualities are! What you would like to cultivate within it! How it feels to focus on it instead of the identities others lay on you. 


TAURUS | April 20-May 20

Question - Where is the soil you can touch?
Meditation - back to earth.
Assignment - Put your hands in soil again this week. Do this as many times as possible. Activate your sensory and bodily experience more than your mental experience. If it’s not soil you are touching, touch another living material and be with it. You don’t need to think about it. 


GEMINI | May 21-June 20

Question - When and how do you let your mental circulation rest?
Meditation - drawing the curtains.
Assignment - Connecting with the New Moon energy in your sign, take a few times this week to draw the curtains, to power down the mental stimulation, to reflect this darkening of the sky. What is illuminated when the Moon isn’t shining? All the other stars! When you take time to listen to the sound of the darkness, new insights will emerge. But you need to prioritize this or it will pass without you noticing. 


CANCER | June 21-July 22

Question - When do you feel anxiety?
Meditation - bringing the inner to the surface.
Assignment - Notice your anxiety this week. Under what conditions does it arise? When do you notice it leaves, or maybe, when does your attention turn away from it? So much of healing is seeing, you don’t have to do something other than notice, in the kindest way possible, notice yourself and what is happening with you.


LEO | July 23-August 22

Question - What can you stop taking personally?
Meditation - freedom of dispassion.
Assignment - What experiences or relationship situations can you stop taking personally? How would it feel if you didn’t take it personally? What space might it open up? You might feel a bit out of practice when you try this. But notice something that stings for you this week, something that causes you to bristle or be hurt or angry, and imagine putting a little bit of distance between it and you. If you were looking at it from far away, what would you see that you can’t see right now? If you look at it from far into the future, what wisdom could your future self offer your present self? Give yourself time to imagine a new way this week, 


VIRGO | August 23-September 22

Question - When do you make decisions from your heart or belly?
Meditation -  from the head to the heart.
Assignment -  Experiment with moving your decision-making down from your head, forehead, brain, and more into your heart and low belly. If this makes no sense to you don’t worry, just try it anyway. See what happens when you practice this. The Virgo mind gets easily stuck in logic loops, analysis. When you notice this happening move your awareness down as much as you can. Notice whatever resistance arises to this. Then move your awareness down again, and again.


LIBRA | September 23-October 22

Question - What do you need to say right now?
Meditation - Permission to speak.
Assignment - Exactly as you are. Just to speak it. To let it exist, whatever it is you need to say, like a tree exists, or a cloud. It doesn’t have to change anything, but you still need to speak it. This is a human need. It doesn’t matter if others are upset. Think of it as one of your important jobs while living in earth school.


SCORPIO | October 23-November 21

Question - What fruits are you harvesting now?
Meditation - fruit trees.
Assignment - Reflect on your life this week, the efforts you have made so far. Spend time noticing, writing down, telling others, about the fruits of your efforts. What benefits are you now reaping based on the past? Where do you want to put your efforts now for future fruits?


SAGITTARIUS | November 22-December 21

Question - What is your relationship with the mothering principle lately?
Meditation - mothers, mothering.
Assignment - In this New Moon time, look at your relationship with mothers in your life. Reflect on the ways that you mother, the ways that others mother you, the mothering principle. Is anything out of balance here? Are there any ways you need to acknowledge your mother, yourself as a mother, what is not being mothered? What intentions can you set that could help bring balance here?


CAPRICORN | December 22-January 19

Question - When do you say no?
Meditation - no thank you.
Assignment - No thank you, I won’t be considering that rule in my decision-making this week. No thank you, I won’t be subject to the constant feeling of not-enoughness. No thank you. I will breathe, and give myself time to be with my breathing, the only involuntary body process that we can make voluntary. I will sit in a garden for 20 minutes, at least once this week, and look around, at all the life that surrounds me. 


AQUARIUS | January 20 to February 18

Question - What is the relationship between your body and mind agility?
Meditation - fluid.
Assignment - Stretch your body this week, maybe in ways you don’t usually. When you do stretch, connect this body agility to a mental agility, encouraging your mind to operate in a fluid and flexible way. This is so that you don’t get too rigid in mind or body. Reconnect with your archetype image of being a water carrier. What qualities do you need to be a water carrier? What qualities have you been neglecting that can be brought back into balance?


PISCES | February 19 to March 20

Question - What kind of silence feels calming to you?
Meditation - silence. 
Assignment - Find a way to be with silence, in whatever way feels the best to you. Find a kind of quiet or silence that activates your curiosity, so that you can be patient enough to actually experience it. See what you discover when you experience this quiet.