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This week includes the Full Moon of Capricorn. Capricorn is a sign of judgment, of discernment - which is what makes it so good at getting things done! We need judgment, discernment, actually, to move through life. Whether we recognize it or not, at every moment we are making a judgment about what to spend our time doing.

Capricorn can be distant and matter-of-fact, but it can also be devoted, deeply loving in the most tangible, manifest way. Harness this energy of taking action on your intentions this week. Capricorn is good at following the rules, but really at its best when it remembers that we must be very conscious of the rules we are following, to determine if they are good for us, instead of just unconsciously inherited. 

I invite you, as a part of a new project HEALING OUR INTERNET LIVES, to notice your own judgments about yours and others’ technology use this week. What judgments drain you and separate you from others in this realm? How can you transform judgment into discernment, and focus on doing what is best for you, and trust that other people are capable of doing what is best for them? How can you take action once you discern what is best for you in this realm of phone and computer use? Give yourself a very simple, attainable assignment. For example, instead of limiting or restricting your phone use, bring mindfulness to the phone use itself. Is it possible to be present while scrolling? What would your presence do to your scrolling? What if you wrote down a judgment or thought for each instagram post you looked at during one scrolling session? What if you narrated your thoughts and anxieties to a friend while checking your email or while online banking? Take note of what happens. 

It's a matter of slowing down. The Full Moon in Capricorn invites us to take methodical steps toward the life that we want. Slow down your thinking so you can become more aware of it, which allows you to take steps toward transformation.

ARIES | March 21-April 19

Question - When is your identity called into question and how does this contribute to anxiety?
Meditation - permission for privacy
Assignment - You're often in a push pull with wanting to be noticed and not wanting to. The more conscious you can get with where you are wanting recognition, the more likely you will be able to receive a fulfilling type of recognition. Look into how social media and your phone use plays into this relationship with your identity, and the subsequent anxiety. Just notice with as much compassion as you can muster for yourself, and the actions that need to be taken from there will become clear.


TAURUS | April 20-May 20

Question - When do you use the sky to understand your next step?
Meditation - light blue
Assignment - Look up this week when making decisions, and see what wisdom is available above you. Look up as much as you can and see what happens to your posture, your decisions, your vision, your jaw. What happens to your jaw when you look up more?


GEMINI | May 21-June 20

Question - What sounds does light make? 
Meditation - the sound of light
Assignment - Use the act of listening, the physical act, what processes take place in your body if you are able to hear, as a way to come back into your body this week. I ask this question what sounds does light make because it doesn't make sense. It asks your brain to do something different. This is an invitation to let your rational brain take a back seat more often this week, and let a more intuitive type of curiosity take over. What happens when you let it, what happens when you think without thinking?


CANCER | June 21-July 22

Question - Where is the heat in your life?
Meditation - red.
Assignment - Your solar return, your birthday, a time to ask yourself about what ignites you. What is warm and open in your life, what is closed / cold? Make a list with two columns this week, titled warm and cold, and see what you find. Are there things on the warm/open list that you can cultivate more of? What is needed in this moment, in this week? What is needed in this next year of your life?


LEO | July 23-August 22

Question - When and how do you consider your life from afar?
Meditation - pull back your lens 
Assignment - Write about your life in the third person this week. See what happens when you try to describe your life and your experience this way, as if from the outside. Leo is one of the most personal signs in the zodiac, so it can be helpful to look out past your immediate experience, to try on a less personal lens. Another way to do this is to ask others about their perspective on your life and how they see you and your path.


VIRGO | August 23-September 22

Question - When do you let yourself ask for more, a lot even?
Meditation - permission to ask for things
Assignment - Ask for three things you need or want from others this week. Literally anything. If it feels to hard to start with this, write the things down first. See what you notice. Are there things you haven’t asked for that you just assumed people would say no to? Ask for more and see what happens.


LIBRA | September 23-October 22

Question - When do you let something bigger than you decide?
Meditation - vastness.
Assignment - Experiment with chance operations this week, especially if you are having trouble making decisions. Use a coin, or tarot, or any other kind of divination tool or chance operation to aid in your decisions and see how that goes. The point is that your mental process is overrated in your decision-making - we usually give it more emphasis than it actually has in how our lives go. Give things up to chance more and see how your idea of ‘chance’ might change. 


SCORPIO | October 23-November 21

Question - When do you consciously let yourself go deep with another?
Meditation - the deep, dark, beautiful waters.
Assignment - Let yourself go deep with someone this week. Nourish your ability to see to the depths, to be comfortable with the struggle, to thrive in transformative contexts. Relate to someone else in this way, someone who supports this depth in you. Maybe it’s talking to them, maybe it’s having sex, maybe it’s lying on the ground outside next to them, touching or not touching. Give yourself this nourishment. If a person, another human, doesn’t feel available to you in this way, find an animal or plant, a being that is living, to commune with in this way. 


SAGITTARIUS | November 22-December 21

Question - When does your changeability sabatoge your long term participation?
Meditation - the long game. 
Assignment - Take stock of what parts of your life include the long term - what relationships have sustained your life over time? Are they with people, with philosophies, with sports, with a creative practice? How do you benefit when you commit, and what is lost when you abandon something? Is there a way you can include more of the long game thinking into your life, and how would that help you?


CAPRICORN | December 22-January 19

Question - Where do you find faith?
Meditation - emerald green.
Assignment - Ask yourself and nature for more space this week for listening to your own faith. Use the full moon blast of light to let yourself open more to faith. Your own specific and strange version of faith, de-coupled from all the problematic history of that word, letting it be your own magic, shapeshifting, nourishing beam, that you attend to every single day. Imagine! It’s right here, waiting for you, always. Give yourself permission to call this practical. 


AQUARIUS | January 20 to February 18

Question - Where does your mind go when trying to meet your own needs? When do you try to meet your own needs or even know what they are?
Meditation - you as a part of the whole
Assignment - Notice, again and again, when your mind goes out to meeting other people’s needs, or the group’s needs, and the effects of this in your life. It’s not bad, it’s so often wonderful. But if you think of your own needs and desires as a nuisance, it’s actually not attending to the group, because you too, are a part of the group. Return to your personal experience as a way to understand your next moves. And remember that this is not at the expense of others, it’s in service to you both.


PISCES | February 19 to March 20

Question -  What feels unrequited for you?
Meditation - gratefulness
Assignment - Pisces can get lost in fantasy, in desire for another world, another person, another escape. What can you see what is requited in your life already? What exists in the here and now, in your body, in your home, in your relationships, in your work, in your surroundings, that is giving back to you. Find this right now, and cherish it, honor it.