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Full Moon in Sagittarius this week, Tuesday. Gemini and Sagittarius are in a conversation, the Sun and the Moon right now. Full Moons mean the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite. Oppositions bring similar energy in whatever form they take, whether it’s between people, within one person, or affecting us all as it happens in the sky. Oppositions are about an attraction and a tension. In fact attraction usually involves a tension of some kind! And tension involves attraction! So this Full Moon’s opposition reconnects us to a perennial conversation that Gemini and Sagittarius are having. They are both mutable signs, very changeable. They tend to say everything immediately, and often overshare. Gemini tends toward diversity, breadth over depth, Sagittarius focuses in heavily in any given moment, but can shift to the latest thrilling philosophy when old ones need to retire. Gemini says all ways are the way, Sagittarius says one way is the way. So! What does this mean for us, humans, right now, on planet earth, feeling the influence of the Full Moon. Both of these energies are about communication. What is your communication space looking like right now between you and the people in your life? Where do you fall in the spectrum of these polarities between diversity and single-pointedness and how can you invite more balance? 

ARIES | March 21-April 19

Question - What are the ways you are already complete and full?
Meditation - fullness and completeness.
Assignment - Channel this Full Moon in a Fire Sign energy this week. Write a list of all the things in your life that are working, that are magic, that contribute to your fullness and completeness. Share it with others, with another, with many, in whatever ways feel good. Reconnect to your tendency to inspire and be visionary.


TAURUS | April 20-May 20

Question - What do you hold up that you might no longer need to?
Meditation - moving from the corner to the center.
Assignment - You can be such a pillar in your community, in your relationships, even in your own life, making sure you are maintaining (so many things). What might you have been holding up or maintaining that you don’t need to anymore? The way you can tell if you don’t need to hold something anymore is if it is draining you. Look at where your energy is being exhausted and make a list of the small steps you can take this week to expend less energy in holding these things up. Try to make the list smaller and more manageable - baby steps. 


GEMINI | May 21-June 20

Question - What materials / material objects do you want to bring with you into this year? Which ones do you want to let go of?
Meditation - materials as nourishment. 
Assignment - Go through your things during this birthday time. Get rid of stuff. Not all the stuff, just the things that are energetically weighing you down. Connect to the objects that are energizing you, that nourish you. Get them in your view, in your daily life. Return back to earth when you float away in thinking, through these objects.


CANCER | June 21-July 22

Question - When do you cultivate your own self-love?
Meditation - reconnecting to your own love. 
Assignment - Venus is in Cancer right now - the planet of relationships and love is in your sign! Take this as a cue to cultivate self-love. It can be easy for you to over-nurture others and/or stay in self-protection mode frequently. But a way to bring balance to these tendencies can be to nurture your self. When you do this regularly, you’re actually able to nurture others with more ease and energy. I’m not talking about getting a massage, although that is also great. I’m talking about taking a moment (or many) each day this week to meditate on your own inherent worthiness, that comes whether you ‘accomplish’ anything or not. That is much deeper than what you do or the roles you play in other’s lives. It’s quiet and doesn’t need to involve effort. Just a gentle noticing and breathing into your own sacred body and acknolwedging everything in you that wants to be acknowledged.


LEO | July 23-August 22

Question - What new opportunities arise when things don’t end up looking like your vision?
Meditation - a new available space.
Assignment - You’re a visionary and sometimes being a fixed fire sign can lead to you getting stuck on your vision! But the nature of manifesting on the physical plane is that things usually don’t match up to the vision. Adjusting to this can be hard for you, but it’s such an important part of deepening your own creativity. This week take note of when you get stuck on something that doesn’t look or go the way you planned, and see what happens in your body. What does this kind of attachment do in your body? What ways can you adjust your original vision to include the ways it actually ended up? What new freedom arises when you can practice this adjusting?!


VIRGO | August 23-September 22

Question - Where and how do you eat?
Meditation -  mindful eating.
Assignment - This week, treat your eating as a practice and let it help you connect to your body. What pleasure do you experience when eating? When do you ‘black out’ when eating and why? Let yourself eat what feels good, and take pleasure in each bite. Slow down enough so that you can actually experience the fruits of being an earth sign! What does it feel like to have this sensory sensitivity? How can you embrace that sensitivity and let it help you eat in a way that is nourishing to you? Eat this week, and know that you are eating. 


LIBRA | September 23-October 22

Question - When do you allow yourself to experience psychic protection?
Meditation - Allowing protection. 
Assignment - You tend to want to be ‘nice’ and think well of people which doesn’t actually allow you to accept protection when it is available to you. Literally let yourself be covered by blankets that feel really good to you this week. Consider this permission to accept protection in whatever forms it takes, as it comes. And remind yourself that protection does not mean that you don’t like people or you aren’t nice, it just means that you acknowledge that we are all subject to forces we can’t control. You’re caring for yourself and others by doing this. Let yourself be covered, so that your true self can have some space to fully be and become, without interference.


SCORPIO | October 23-November 21

Question - What is happening with your feet right now?
Meditation - Back to the feet.
Assignment - I’ve probably talked to you about your feet before, and I’ve probably talked to every other sign about them too. We are all in bodies and need this reminder, basically daily. But in particular for you Scorpio, because Jupiter is still in Scorpio for many more months and that’s a great thing but it means there is a lot of activity and new zeal and possibly travel and movement at some point in the year for you. So reconnecting to your feet on a regular basis will help you make grounded decisions as these energies move through you. Get them rubbed, soak them in healing baths, notice them, say hi to them, thank them. Bring your awareness back to them, to the incredible truth that they are your point of contact with the earth for most people, and should therefore be attended to with great care and appreciation.


SAGITTARIUS | November 22-December 21

Question - What changes do you want to make? 
Meditation - write it out.
Assignment - This Full Moon in Sagittarius time is the time to write it out - to give voice to the changes you want to make. Don’t miss this opportunity to name and give voice to the ways you want to be inspired, your spiritual longings. Maybe the phrase spiritual longings makes you uncomfortable and that’s exactly why I use it. On purpose. To provoke you. Don’t wait to say what you want. Use this movement, this opening energy to articulate what you are deeply craving. Let yourself swim in the aliveness of wanting itself, under the light of this moon of yours.


CAPRICORN | December 22-January 19

Question - When do you let yourself be as bright as you can?
Meditation - lighting fires. 
Assignment - Pretend you are a fire sign this week. By that I mean, let yourself meditate and bask in the sphere of the possible, instead of the sphere of the actual, which convinces you with its logic but is not actually actual only. If you know fire signs in the form of humans, ask them about your issues at hand and how they would act. If you don’t, imagine it. This is about taking risks and putting aside your usually very long list of reasons why the risks won’t work. You will never lose this practicality, you don’t have to worry about that. But just for a week you can let yourself imagine more, and know that imagining is very practical on a spiritual level.


AQUARIUS | January 20 to February 18

Question - When do you learn from animals about how to be in this world?
Meditation - learning from animals.
Assignment - Observe animals, if you have a pet, observe this being’s behavior closely this week. If you don’t, find places to observe animals and see what you can learn from them. They don’t spend time in their heads, overthinking, as air signs like you can tend to do. They also don’t spend time verbalizing everything, which air signs often do. What can you practice that you see animals practicing. You don’t have to worry about your ability to think or verbalize leaving you, it won’t! You can just try on different ways of approaching life, like sensory perception, moving like water, absorbing, sharing emotionally, without thinking or words. What does that feel like? The key word being ‘feel like’!


PISCES | February 19 to March 20

Question - What are you noticing about your energy levels right now?
Meditation - stillness. 
Assignment - Moving into this week of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, opposite Sun in Gemini which are both square your sun sign, take careful note of your energy, and give yourself full permission to get back in the water when you need to. Try not to do too much this week! Although it’s likely you’ll have a lot on your plate, try to take breaks whenever you can. Retreat to comfort places as much as you can, as much as you find yourself needing to. It will help you to not expel so much energy this week in order to have steadier energy in the coming month.