What I offer this week is a short list of things I know to be helpful, perhaps they will be helpful to you. This New Moon in Capricorn week is a good time to attend to earth life things. 

  • breathe in silence

  • breathe wherever you are

  • drink a glass of water

  • reach out to someone if you are feeling isolated 

  • write to someone about how they have helped you / inspire you

  • take a walk outside

  • ask people in your life for their good news, instead of reading the news

  • read a poem out loud (maybe to someone else)

  • listen to music while lying down 

  • remember gravity, let it hold you

  • look at your bank accounts instead of avoiding them

  • make something for someone else

  • cook food at home

  • clean out a drawer or small space that needs it

  • ask someone in your life some questions that you normally don’t ask them

  • go somewhere that you never go in your town

  • stretch

  • drink another glass of water

  • breathe in silence

  • find a way to laugh

  • pray